Tips to follow.

To travel to Punta Cana you must have your passport in order. It is necessary to take into account that a tourist card is required that can be acquired at the entrance in the country for about 10 dollars and the exit fee of 20 dollars. It is important to remember to carry the exact amount in dollars, as it may happen that you do not get the change. The official currency is the Dominican peso, but we recommend you bring better dollars for the trip. Most establishments accept both dollars and euros, but be aware that they will charge the same amount regardless of the currency, so you will lose with the change if you pay in euros.
The climate is warm and pleasant, with an average temperature of 26º, so it is best to bring cool and comfortable clothes. Do not forget to bring some sunglasses, a cap and formal clothes to go out or dine in restaurants.
Medicines are very expensive in the Dominican Republic, just like health care. It is best to take out medical travel insurance, which will cover any mishap. You should remember to bring a mosquito repellent, antidiarrheals and lots of sunscreen.

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