SEOs have long thought-about that mobile search together of the numerous key specializations of SEO… That mentality failed to modification a lot of back throughout finish of 2015, once Google declared AMP.It is no secret that we have a tendency to sleep in the age of mobile and smartphones. You see individuals almost anyplace playing with their mobile devices. As a result, this has had a big outcome on overall search trends.Sometime back in Feb, 2016, Google began to send individuals to AMP pages in their prime STORIES section of the Google Search Results page on mobile phones. alternative key business players are collaborating for over a year to form this become a reality.Affordable SEO Packages Through 2016, Google has pushed many AMP-related actions for adoption it’s quick turning into accepted. one among the a lot of talked regarding factors was the AMP validator that they engineered into the Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools for webmasters. This helps them QA their own AMP-optimized content and pages. Alternately, you’ll be able to conjointly self-validate with this AMP validation post on the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project web site itself.The bottom line is that individuals wish prompt answers to their queries on mobile devices. This has diode to Google pushing this tough throughout 2016 thus it’s time you catch up, as this can greatly decide your SEO strategy for 2017. In short, it’s obvious that the AMP perform are standard in 2017.

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