Red Dead Online Still Has No Reliable Way Of Playing

The most striking element of this platform game is its aesthetic nature. The developers, Vertex Pop, have chosen to use a vibrant color palette to design the world the protagonist has to face. The soundtrack matches the neon visuals of Super Crush KO, and players will bump into the beat while biting, hooking and destroying enemies.

The plot is quite simple in this game. The bad guys have stolen a girl’s pussy, and she stops at nothing to retrieve her adorable fur ball. However, the player, who plays the girl, will be immersed in an adventure that involves fighting robots that are the products of an AI takeover. The gameplay in the trailer features elements well known to players of arcade style combat platforms. Red Dead Online Still Has No Reliable Way Of Playing Online In A Solo Lobby  The hero uses combat attacks and an assortment of methods to punish enemies, such as guns, powerful ground attacks, and his fists.

Super Crush KO takes place in a city with a vast colorful horizon used as a backdrop for different levels. Overall, there are more than 20 levels with which players can challenge each other, and the better they get, the more they will climb the leaderboards. Players should do everything they can to recover the kitty and save humanity from the apocalypse of AI. This adventure is just a solo game, and when the player downloads it to their Nintendo Switch, it will take up 384 MB modest.

Super Crush KO has been in the works for a long time. If players notice, the trailer was released in August 2018, and it will finally be released on January 16, 2020. The Switch version will cost $ 14.99 directly in Nintendo eShop, and when it is released, players will be able to enjoy it via the TV mode, table mode and portable mode. If non-Switch players want to try Super Crush KO, they can get it on Steam, which launches the game the same day!