Monster Hunter Releases a Compatibility Patch

2020 will kick off with dozens of new versions of games, esports tournaments, and seasonal starts, but little has received the attention that the next Monster Hunter World expansion has received. Monster Hunter: The next Iceborne expansion in the world will be released on January 9, and Capcom is doing everything possible to prepare for it. Keep in mind that most of the changes in this patch affect the console version rather than the PC version of the game.

Most additions and fixes to the fix aim to fix a few minor bugs and ease the transition to the new extension. Monster Hunter Releases a Compatibility Patch to Prepare for Iceborne Expansion These will help with stability and compatibility, while ensuring that unknown bugs do not keep appearing. Some of these bugs were a handful of quality of life issues, ensuring that decorations are not randomly equipped. Others are much more serious and aim to resolve issues where you cannot complete quests or even load their games in some cases.

An interesting treat on the last two points on the list is that the Guardian armor and the Defender armor seemingly have no difference. They have the same attributes and differ only in color. Players can also purchase the Defender (Alpha) package at the Armory. To be honest, it sort of makes you wonder why they bothered to change it if it all changes is a cosmetic, as it has no difference on the game itself. However, since the old armor is still available, it makes no difference to anyone involved.

The list of bug fixes is a bit longer, and goes so far as to add in the quests “A new troublemaker in town” and “Challenge Quest 2: Intermediate MR”, which came from previous updates. Iceborne will land in just a few weeks, so hunters would do well to make sure they are nice and prepared for winter.