Is Jesse James Blaming America’s Sweetheart

Did Jesse James blame American sweetheart Sandra Bullock for her misfortune? This is the question that preoccupies many minds after Jesse released a promotional video for the return in 2020 of his television series Monster Garage. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were married from 2005 to 2010 until she learned that he was having a long-term affair with a model named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Shortly after the public learned of the infidelity, other women came forward to say that they had also been implicated with Jesse. Sandra had adopted her son, Louis, around the same time that the scandal broke out. Many people quickly sided with Sandra Bullock and felt that she was a wonderful woman who had been involved in a bad relationship.
Is Jesse James Blaming America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bullock For His Unhappiness?
Now that Jesse is promoting his show, people are upset that he is talking about Sandra at all. Since the two were divorced for 10 years and Sandra evolved with the magnificent piece Bryan Randall, they do not see the interest of Jesse de l’le

Sandra fans are upset and think Jesse James is trying to rewrite history. It was common knowledge that their relationship ended because of the cheating scandal and some say that the statement gives the impression that Sandra was to blame for the end of their marriage and even the misfortune of Jesse James.

People ask what happened to Sandra Bullock’s happiness 10 years ago when she had just adopted baby Louis and discovered that her husband was unfaithful?