Her Plus Size Bra – Confession Of What She Looks For

She believes the most important piece of clothing that is selected each day is the bra. Because of her large breasts, the plus size bra is the central area that all other accessories build upon. I asked what was most important when purchasing a plus size bra, what convinces her to buy one bra over another one. She knew exactly what I was asking; knew all the right answers…

First of all, the bra has to be the right size. A large percentage of women are actually wearing the wrong size bra, from petite to plus size. She says measuring is actually quite simple and depending on weight gain or loss, the bra size can change from time to time. It’s always best to have someone help with the measurements to assure accuracy. A good rule of thumb is if you have a bra that just feels right, it’s probably a good indication of the right size.

Next, she says the bra has to be comfortable, this is a must. Her day is very busy, packed with multiple duties and responsibilities. She couldn’t think of anything much worse than having a bra squeezing and pulling her breasts in the wrong direction. Plus size clothing has to be manufactured in a way to complement the plus size woman, and the best way to achieve this is with comfort. If a woman feels comfortable, the day just seems to go better.

Without giving it much thought, support was next on the list. She was very adamant that plus size bras should be made especially for plus size women, not just an enlarged version of the smaller sizes. She is certain that plus size women need a bra that will support the breasts and help maintain stability, decreasing the chance of stretch marks and sagging. Laughing, she adds that when her breasts are supported that she just all around looks better.

Next style was discussed. She was very insistent that just because the bra is a plus size doesn’t mean style has to be sacrificed. Her personal favorite is the seamless T-shirt bra, this way it can be worn under snug or well fitting shirts without seams and lacy protrusions. A smile came upon her face when the thought of a low cut blouse that is worn with a plunge low-cut bra came to mind. A quick reminder here that bras still need that support feature no matter what style you choose. She mentioned the minimizer bra that many plus size women prefer, although she only owns one of these it is occasionally worn under an outfit that looks best with this style bra. Her dresser drawer is filled with many different styles, including strapless, clear strap, soft cup, underwire, sexy, lacy, push-up, seamless and low cut.

Last but not least she mentioned that the plus size bra needs to be durable. Keep in mind that it is the belief that a bra is an important piece of clothing. It needs to be very well made to stand up to the job it has to perform. A bra that wears out quickly or stretches out before its time isn’t worth investing in; she doesn’t waste her time or money. Durable plus size bras are considered a good investment.