God of War Holds a Holiday Giveaway With a Handful

Including the two separate armor of the death vow that go up for free, six cosmetic items are distributed. With four of them being shield skins, obviously you won’t be able to use them all at once, but that will provide a lot of variety to help spice up your kill.

To claim the items, go to the store page for the gift and simply download the items. There is nothing difficult, no unpleasant hoops to browse or codes to enter, just free items to claim and download. It’s always refreshing to see game developers show real appreciation to their fans. Instead of forcing every nickel and every penny like some developers (read: most) do nowadays, Santa Monica thought it would be better to spread the holiday cheer with a handful of free goodies.

Many games start holiday sales at this time of year, God of War Holds a Holiday Giveaway With a Handful of Free Cosmetics on PS Network using it as a way to appear charitable and giving while using the season to earn a few extra dollars. Seeing game developers, especially of such a big headline, give up all of that to give away things for free is a wonderful change.

There is also the thought that it could be to increase the hype for an upcoming title, however. Considering the cliffhangers from the latest God of War title, as well as the time that has passed since the game’s release, we may see another installment soon.