Erica Mena Addresses The ‘Snapback’

Erica Mena lives her best life these days with her husband Safaree and their granddaughter. She gave birth not too long ago, and this lady already looks incredible.

On the other hand, Erica is not the kind of woman who jumped on the Internet to show off her flat abs just after giving birth – no, she told her fans that this “ snapback ” to which everything the world after pregnancy is not his priority at all.

She told people that she was taking her time to get back in shape and that she just enjoys being a mom right now.

People appreciate it and they think it doesn’t put pressure on women to get back into shape as soon as possible after having a baby. Erica Mena Addresses The ‘Snapback’ Subject And Fans Appreciate That She Takes Her Time To Get Back In Shape

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“This is not a snapback, it is to contact me! Thank you @waistsnatchers and @jaedunn Time for being in shape. #waistsnatchers #snatchband #waisttrainer, ‘Eric

Someone said, ‘Always brilliant !! Sooo glad not to pretend like the others. Take your time to heal. I love that

A follower posted this: “ I like that you don’t wear makeup at the gym. Neither do I. It’s so bad for you to sweat with makeup.

Someone else wrote, ‘Okay, I see you coming, beautiful mom. That’s right, take your time “and one fan said,” Honestly, you look better with more weight on you! Perfect mom bear.

One of Erica’s fans said, “ I’m so glad everyone is so positive with their comments. You go to the pages of other ppl be so mean !!! ”

Someone else also sprang from Erica’s beauty and said, ‘N