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Even though CD developer Projekt Red is working hard on what is his most ambitious game to date, Cyberpunk 2077, he may well be on the right track to follow up on the famous The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, released in 2015. .
Even though the third installment in The Witcher franchise was by far the best-selling game in the series, CD Projekt Red has chosen to go in a new direction with their next game, because Cyberpunk 2077 will be a shooter. the first person, as opposed to a third person RPG. But just because the Polish game studio has decided to dive into a whole new world with their next project doesn’t mean they won’t come back to the world of The Witcher at some point.

After several years of problems with each other, CD Projekt Red recently revealed that they have reached a new agreement with Andrzej Sapkowski, who is the author of the books. Dr Disrespect Calmly Uninstalls PUBG On Stream After Getting Killed By A Hacker For those who do not know, the author of the famous series of fantastic books sold the rights of the video game to CDPR for a very modest sum, because he did not think that the games would be as successful as they ended up by. being.

So now that the two sides have reached a new deal, The Witcher 4 seems more likely than ever. But, with the CDPR fully engaged in Cyberpunk 2077, it will likely take some time before the project is even announced. It is also unclear whether the fourth main installment in the series will feature Geralt de Rivia as the main protagonist, or whether the series will move to Ciri.

In 2017, two years before the CDPR concluded its new agreement with the author of The Witcher, CEO Marcin Iwinski said that, although they do not permanently abandon their popular intellectual property, it is not their current goal. Of course, everyone now knows that their main objective is the Cyberpunk 2077.