Donald Trump Has Yet Another Confusing

Donald Trump Barack Obama Coronavirus Credit: Instagram

President Donald Trump had a very confusing Friday morning. First, the Republican politician, who strangely blames Barack Obama for the spread of the coronavirus, announced that he would make his first visit to the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta Friday afternoon to get an update on the matter.

Trump later told reporters that the administration had been forced to cancel the trip due to a suspected coronavirus case at the CDC headquarters.

Moments later, Trump announced that he was planning to visit the facility because the person was not sick. Donald Trump Has Yet Another Confusing Day Handling The Coronavirus By Making Fake Statements And Cancelling His Trip To Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) Headquarters

The former reality star said, “We can go. There was – they thought there was a problem at the CDC, with someone who had the virus. It turned out to be negative, so we see what we can do. But yesterday afternoon, we were informed that there may be a person with the virus, and they now discover that it was a negative test. They tested the person very completely and it was a negative test. So maybe I’ll go. We will see if they can turn things around with the Secret Service. Maybe we will. ”

He also incorrectly stated that the number of cases was low because he had closed the border – the reality is that there is a shortage of coronavirus screening kits to test those who might be infected.

Trump shredded this false news: “I don’t think people panic …. I said last night; we did an interview on Fox last night. A town hall. I think it was very good. And I said calm. You have to be calm. It will disappear. We have a situation where we have this huge ship of 5,000 people and we have to make a decision. You know, it’s a big decision because we have very low figures compared to the main countries in the world. Our numbers are lower than anyone. And in terms of death, I don’t know what the count is today. Is it 11? 11 people, “said Trump.

Trump has signed a bill providing $ 8.3 billion in emergency funding to fight the coronavirus epidemic.